The Executive Step team has extensive experience and expert knowledge of the housing market in their local area. Being well connected and respected by the best local agents, our consultants are able to secure highly sought after properties on behalf of our clients. Tapping into our broad network and leveraging from our contacts and experience gives relocatees an advantage in the market they can’t match on their own.


  • We know the market, the preferable suburbs, the reputable agents, indicative prices and the common traps
  • We do the time consuming searching and negotiating for the relocatee
  • The relocatee will be able to spend their energy settling into their new role and maintain their work focus
  • Fast, efficient and experienced advice on education, culture, housing markets and rental trends.
  • Every client has different and diverse needs  — we are flexible and experienced enough to handle the individual requests leveraging all our  contacts and options to assist.
  • Our reputation drives our service
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